Aston Martin One-77 Specs, Review, Picture

Aston Martin One-77 

Aston Martin One-77 and bury lack of revelation in an avalanche of V12 noise and fury. A second later, I’m not so short of inspiration. I’m hanging on for dear life.  Aston Martin One-77 for sale at Aston Martin Munich, and now a grey One-77 has hit the market in the Netherlands.


The only stumbling block being that you’d have to buy one first, and the list price for entry to the 77-strong club comes in around a not-insubstantial 1.2-million quid, depending on exchange rates. Which neatly purges the option for all but the platinum rich, or the obscenely well-connected. Usually, TopGear gets to sidestep the necessary requirements, despite not being wealthy or the right kind of popular, but not this time. Aston Martin decreed that no journalist would drive a One-77 in any official capacity, the experience being for owners only, an exclusive adventure unsullied by description in the popular press, lest potential clients be ‘discouraged’ from purchase. And yet, with all One-77s sold, Aston still wouldn’t let anyone without an Amex Black bottomless credit rating get anywhere near it.

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No expenses were spared when going down the options list either. A Bang and Olufsen sound system, carbon fiber front splitter and rear diffuser, and carbon ceramic brakes are all part of the package. For more information check out the dealer that has offered it for sale. Make sure to check the full gallery of this beauty below!

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