2018 Ford Fiesta line adds crossover-esque, (Second Hand Cars in Delhi NCR)

Ford Fiesta 2018 MotorPlace(Second Hand Cars in Delhi NCR,

That trim is the Active, and it further proves that no car is safe from being turned into a crossover. Second Hand Cars in Delhi NCR,  Though no specifics were given on whether it would have a unique suspension or drivetrain, some obvious design differences can be seen. It gets the requisite black plastic fender flares, side skirts, and bumper trim. The side skirts and bumpers also get skid plate-inspired metal-look trim as well. Second Hand Cars in Delhi NCR,  The Active also gets slightly raised roof rails.

The reveal of the Active trim also raises the question of whether it will come to the US. Second Hand Cars in Delhi NCR,  Ford has already announced that the Fiesta-based EcoSport subcompact crossover will come to America, and naturally it’s roughly Fiesta-sized. Second Hand Cars in Delhi NCR, It’s unclear at this point if the American hunger for crossovers would support two Fiesta-based jobs. Second Hand Cars in Delhi NCR,


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