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Ford Mustang

The galloping pony nestled in the grille serves as a reminder that the Mustang is most at home on the open road. MotorPlace, buy and sell cars in Delhi Both the coupe and convertible come with your choice of a 300-hp 3.7-liter V-6, a 310-hp 2.3-liter turbo four-cylinder, or a 435-hp 5.0-liter V-8; choose from a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic. The rear-wheel-drive chassis is eager to attack corners while enabling a smooth ride when cruising. The manual’s stiff clutch makes it a bit of a chore to drive in heavy traffic.


Exterior 360° Degree View

Want to have a feel of how the Ford Mustang exterior looks like? This 360° degree view lets you check the outer details of the car without even visiting a showroom. buy and sell cars in Delhi Enjoy a lifelike experience of how this car looks like from all angles. Check out how the grille, buy and sell cars in Delhi bumpers, headlights, side-view mirrors, indicators, tail lamps, etc., are carved out on the car body. This 360° degree view helps you see the design of doors and handles, pillars, windows, and the rear profile of the car. This is exactly how your new Ford Mustang will appear. buy and sell cars in Delhi To get a glimpse of the exterior of Ford Mustang from all around, drag the image to the left or right to rotate the car.


2015 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Manual

If you ever want to not feel special in a Ford Mustang convertible, drive one in Hollywood. That is where we tested this bangin’ buy and sell cars in Delhi yellow 2015 Mustang GT ragtop. Alas, that’s also where many other Americans are testing Mustang convertibles of their own. Or more accurately, of Hertz’s own. Indeed, as eye-searingly yellow as ours was, Ford Mustang 2017 Price in India we still felt like just one of the crowd, what with Mustangs as common as Jack Sparrow impersonators in front of the Chinese Theatre. And even with the “5.0” fender badges, GT buckle on the rear fascia, and the body-color diffuser nestled between its twin exhaust pipes, no one notices a Mustang GT convertible among the billions of non-GT rental Mustangs swarming Hollywood’s famously glittering boulevards and tourist attractions.

Of course, there’s an audible difference. Ford Mustang 2017 Price in India The GT’s baritone rumble—particularly savoury with the top down—is enough to justify the costs to purchase and fuel the GT over and above V-6 and EcoBoost models. There’s a performance story to tell, buy and sell cars in Delhi too, which is the whole reason we strapped our equipment to the car in this particular configuration. The skinny: It’s pretty quick.


That said, it’s quite enjoyable in the twisties, thanks to communicative steering and an innate ability to steer with the rear. We also appreciate the manual’s positive shift action—and the fact that, as a manual, it has shift action at all. The brakes yank the car down quickly, Ford Mustang 2017 Price in India too, in just 157 feet from 70 mph, with linear pedal feel. The only drawback, really, is a stiff clutch that can quickly become tiresome in L.A. traffic.


A relaxed pace is when this car is at its best, thanks to its decent ride quality, buy and sell cars in Delhi reasonably calm top-down wind buffeting, and a 12-speaker Shaker audio system (part of a $1795 option package) that kicks ass no matter what the vehicle speed. buy and sell cars in Delhi The 2015 model’s impressive interior looks as good as ever in convertible form, the genuine aluminium dash trim gleaming alluringly in the Southern California sunshine. The sculpted front seats are outstanding, Ford Mustang 2017 Price in India whether for short or long hauls; the rear chairs are nicely shaped, too, but legroom is nearly nonexistent.

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